During this past week(s) there have been various activities that I want to give kudos to your team that are currently working at BLDG. 676.

While there have been some growing pains with work/construction activities in this building (mostly because of never really doing this work here and learning our Building Facility Manager’s wants and needs) we, the AFRL DSRC and Team SAIC, want to give some recognition to the teams:

Airside Economizer – Jeremy and Team (Jesse, Matt, and Ben, and the crew for Veteran’s Weekend): The team has been very respectful of our building and occupants and have made sure that policies and procedures were being followed. The work for this project has not been easy with regards to escorts and space, yet they’ve managed to keep on a tight schedule and get the work accomplished (especially during the Veteran’s Weekend: I’m not sure how they got that work done but there was very little downtime and very successful execution). They have managed to be very aware of our demands and this has been noticed by my SAIC manager but also with our Director of RCM and cannot thank them enough.

Mechanical Project – Brian and Team (Steve, Ryan, Derek, Brian W., k. Hanson, M. Ladge) I apologize if I’ve left someone off!: During this week we had security exercises in our building. We notified the team because of the loading dock door being open and construction occurring, there could be a threat of person(s) infiltrating the building. That did take place, and the team responded quickly and escorted one individual out of the building. While the other got through, the team did quickly notify the Building Manager. During our out brief, the Frye team was given huge kudos in executing the correct policies and procedures and keeping people and equipment safe in 676 by our Director of RCM and the staff conducting these exercises.

As always, we appreciate the work FRYE does and it shows when other employees/staff recognize this and tell me in meetings and hallway conversations. It makes my job a lot easier!

Thank you,

Brad Hackworth
Project Manager | HITS-U Contract

Wright-Patterson AFB, OH

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