To make each relationship with every customer and employee paramount to the success of Frye Mechanical. To continuously maintain the Christian principles that Frye Mechanical was established on of integrity, honesty, quality and hard work. To provide a safe work environment for all employees with an open door to expand their career to the desired maximum level. To honor and glorify GOD.

Our Founder

Rodney Frye founded Frye Mechanical in 2002, bringing 40 years of experience in the field to the table. He started Frye Mechanical with a young zeal and a clear vision of what it takes to meet customers’ needs. That vision has now brought Frye Mechanical to a whole new level with continuous growth. Over the last 16 years, Rodney has developed and maintained ongoing relationships with customers that has given Frye Mechanical the opportunity to witness amazing success with rapidly accelerating sales.

Licenses and Certifications

Frye Mechanical holds a state license in Plumbing, HVAC, Hyrdronics, and Boiler Installations (OH License No. 32391)
Other certifications:

  • GSA Contractor
  • Med Gas Certified
  • Vectren & Columbia Gas Certified
  • 30 Hour Hazwopper
  • Ammonia Certified
  • GINDE Piping
  • Certified Backflow Testers